Jason Liu ZiChen


     I am  from Baoding,Hebei China. I am born in 1995.1.4.

      My favourite yoyos are Postiron2 and Palpitation and my favorite yoyoplayers are Takeshi Matsuura ,Charles Haycock,Yuuki Spencer, Amane Okubo, Shinnosuke Miyamoto, Zach Gormely, Evan Nagao!

     I have been yoyoing for 9 years, and I want to have chances to show my bangers and my own style in the finals of 44clash and WYYC. I will make more videos to show my tricks to all over the world. I  hope u will like it. Through yoyoing, I want to make more friends all over the world.

​Main Titles: 

​2012 CYCC 1A 1st place

​Main Titles: 

​2016 CYCC 1A 1st place

​Favorite Throw: